Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica
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Key Officials

Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore

Permanent Secretary
Mr. Gerrard Jean-Jacques


The Departments which fall under the purview of the Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security are:

  • Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force
  • Fire and Ambulance Services Division
  • Prison Services Division
  • Labour Division
  • Immigration Department
  • Establishment, Personnel and Public Service Training

The Ministry of National Security, Labour and Immigration is guided by the National Policy on Crime Prevention and Control in Dominica approved by Cabinet in May 2006. Some of the broad objectives of the Policy are:

  1. To develop a constructive, holistic and multi-sectoral approach to crime as per prevention and control
  2. To establish a national mechanism to facilitate the police in effectively addressing national security, crime prevention and control
  3. To modernize and improve the criminal and juvenile justice system ensuring speedy, efficient and assessable justice for all
  4. To place greater emphasis on youths, especially those at risk of being victims of perpetrators of criminal and deviant acts
  5. To plan and execute a well designed public education campaign on crime and violence prevention and control

The report of the National Symposium on Crime determined that an appropriate mechanism to address the needs is the establishment of two bodies dealing with issues of crime at different levels in the country. These were the establishment of the National Security Council and the National Commission on Crime. These two committees have been established and are headed by the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Police respectively.

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